HeartSine® samaritan® PAD

Key Link in the Chain of Survival
AEDs are key links in the chain of survival of sudden cardiac arrest. Some cardiac events are treatable with effective CPR along. Others require a combination of effective CPR and the delivery a lifesaving shock by an AED.

More than a simple AED, HeartSine AEDs meet the needs of two keys links in the chain of survival. It can deliver a lifesaving shock and provides real-time visual and verbal feedback to the rescuer effectively assisting the rescuer to preform CPR.

HeartSine AEDs feature:
  • ICG-based feedback
  • Easy-to-follow visual and verbal guides
  • Improved CPR feaction
  • Highest level of protection from dust and water
  • Clinically validated technology
  • Most compact design
  • Two parts, one expiration date
  • Low cost of ownership
Don't hesitate to contact us so you can learn more about these systems. We will come to your site for education, evaluation, deployment and management of your AED system.

Available from Heartquest:

HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 450P AED